Protection against UV-radiation

Put an end to bleaching and burning effects by ultra violet radiation: The Hecker UV filters protect your products and exhibited objects against deterioration as well as your skin and eyes – all of this while reaching the highest quality of light.

Special coatings for high temperatures

Heat protection also available in high temperature applications: HRC IR-Cut is an efficient heat protection coating which is suitable for high temperature areas, as well. The coating has a neutral and very homogeneous appearance and can be applied to glasses with high temperature.

Spectacular properties

Glass surfaces with manifold properties: Thin layers increase the functionality of the glasses in a variety of applications due to their physical characteristics. From color effects up to easy-to-clean coatings: The fields of application are as numerous as the technical possibilities.

go for transmission

is a state of the art solar glass for photovoltaics and solar thermal collectors. The glass can optionally be delivered with an anti-reflective coating. Also printing and hole drilling are possible manufacturing steps at Hecker, as well as special sizes and shapes.

Highest possible safety through multi-layer composition

Security against crash and residual load-bearing capacity with laminated glass: The glass breaks if an overload is caused by mechanical hit, shock or shot, but the break fragments adhere to the special tear-resistant interlayers. You can gain further favorable properties such as noise control or coloring of the glass by using laminated glass.

Safety in humid surroundings

Against slipping in humid areas! The Hecker AntiSlip-coating effectively reduces the risk of slipping on walkable glass surfaces. We can produce the Hecker AntiSlip with your design.

Strong performance with thin glasses

Lightweight, scratch- and mechanically resistant: Where these properties are required, we offer the chemically tempered glasses of Hecker C-Temp. The result of this ion exchange method is a highly mechanically resistant glass with perfect surface quality.

The somewhat different glass

Double loading capacity and normal break characteristics: This thermally tempered glass has a exceptional position. It is no safety glass and has no tendency to spontaneous breakage, but withstands approximately twice the loading capacity and heat as a normal glass. It is recommendable for special applications and for laminated glasses.

A great variety of glass tubes

Flow-through, observation or measurement: Owing to substantial stocking of different glass tubes and rods Hecker is in a position to supply a great variety of dimensions and processing in small or big series.

Milky glass for homogeneous diffusion

High light transmission and homogeneous diffusion: This special glass with white coating which was developed for lighting applications and LED-light is especially suitable for applications where you wish to reach homogeneous light surfaces without disturbing “hot spots” or yellowish effect.